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Are you self employed (or looking to be) and working in the area of support or wellbeing in the North East of Scotland?


We are -

  • Adding to the range of local Wellbeing & Support services throughout the North East of Scotland

  • Offering an inclusive environment for people with and without long term health conditions to become self employed

  • Encouraging a sense of enhanced Wellbeing in the local community

  • Offering an innovative way for self employed Support & Wellbeing practitioners to work with others with shared values and to gain small business peer support

  • Providing the flexibility, credibility & security of working under a recognised local co-operative

  • Contact us to find out more

We would like to recognise the contribution of Ian Traill 

(Volunteer Business Mentor) for his role in helping us to develop

the Cooperative, until he sadly passed away in 2018 

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