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About us

As a group of local Support and Wellbeing professionals, we have a wide range of experience and skills related to the services we offer. As new people join, so the range of services will expand, so keep checking back for more details. You can also look up our Facebook page for the latest information.

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We decided to come together so that people would have more options around Support and Wellbeing. Also our aim is to increase people's confidence that the person they were approaching meets the required standards for the services they provide.


We look at ways we can support each other to give continuity of service, where appropriate.


We are committed to a person centred approach, and as many of the Cooperative members have lived experience of disabilities and lifelong conditions, in addition to our professional experience, we aim to be understanding and flexible to make sure you stay in charge of your life, and any support you receive. Being Self employed has allowed some of us to have flexible employment that works around their condition. 

We believe everyone has a contribution to make, and the co-operative is one way of helping that to happen.

For details of the individual Cooperative members, and the services they offer, look at our who we are and what we do page.

We check members have the qualifications that they say they have.


We ask for proof of registration for tax, professional insurances and references from two people that we can follow up.

We also ask people to sign up to a set of values and mutual support.

If there are any complaints, we have a process for following up on them, our reputation is as important to us as it is to you.


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